Welcome to Naelvich Campaign Setting

Imagine a world in great industrial revolution, a world filled with great machines powered only through steam and magic, a world of extraordinary heroes and vicious twisted villains, a world where Gentlemen are gentlemen and fine ladies are ladies. Naelvich is a world run entirely run on steam and magic. Over all we are a community of gamers interested in Pathfinder. We do however allow (with proper requesting and representation) converter 3.5 DND material to Pathfinder. We will mostly meet on The Black Star server.


Please Read here for more information. The setting for now is currently closed and may return after some time: http://birdsnestnaelvich.wikidot.com/forum/t-254906/temporary-closeing#post-834726

About the Community:

Games - We are a sandbox style and pickup type of gaming community. There is no set adventure but rather many adventures that one could pick up and play in or they may very well opt not to. We will often meet on the Black Star Gaming server, however many times Black Star has known to gone down. Should it go down we will meet on Mayhem and continue as normal.

Questions - If you have a question please ask in our General forum you may also ask an administrator.

Characters and Character Creation - Please see the character creation page for instructions on how to make a proper starting character. Our current starting level is level 5 and we use the 34 point buy system in order to determine starting ability scores. We are a Roleplaying Community and encourage as much role play as we can. Before creating a character think about how they might fit into a setting such as this one. More Information on the actual setting could be read in the Campaign Setting section.

Fun - The last most important thing is fun. We encourage players to have as much fun as they can. Games shouldn't be too stressful on a player. However this does not mean a player can overreact to get his way. The goal should always be fun however and to try and create as little drama or problems as possible.

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