Black Panthers Mission

GM: Birdman

Players: Kateyo (late in the game), salvatore, belldandy

Details: Salvator and belldandy were hired out in order to attain a stolen shipment of guns from the black panthers that took them. The first entry was rough till they were spotted by them, and a gun shot shoot out was held. Belldandy made a rush up to face against OJ, but ended up getting her whiskers fried by the gattling gun pulled out. When salvatore came ahead after clearing the others out, he manages to do the most damage to OJ till he nearly lost his life on one go. But right when he was about to take victory, kateyo's gunshot rings in the air shooting OJ with a death shot on the dot. He was hired out by another family for assuring the black panthers actual ownership of land extended from that. Taking out the leader was to assure a deal for another faction to muscle them out of the territory. Sadly, this information was kept out from when he met with sonny flamenti, as salvator accuses kateyo for being a glory hog for his work.

5k to salvator and belldandy
+200 bullets
+1 gun enchantment
+21600 xp

3k to kateyo for his job separately
+1 gun upgrade
+2k +600 xp
+7200 xp for late arrival.

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