Chaos Monk

Chaos Monk is not truly a base class but in-fact a variant of a normal base class. Use the original Pathfinder Monk class: (As seen HERE). This class is as Pathfinder Monk only with a few differences that are stated here. This class like the original monk also gains power points as a 3.5 Psychic Warrior. Ki Strike is now Chaotic not Law.

Flailing Strike

Instead of Flurry of Blows and Greater Flurrying you gain a Flailing strike and eventually Greater Flailing. Flailing strike has you roll the amount of extra attacks you gain. To perform a flailing strike is a full round action that is apart of a unarmed strike only (Usable with unique monk weapons). Consult the following chart to properly calculate your flailing strike:

Level Attack Penalty Number of Flailing Strike
1st -2 1d4-1
2nd -2 1d4-1
3rd -2 1d4-1
4th -2 1d4-1
5th -1 1d4
6th -1 1d4
7th -1 1d4
8th -1 1d4
9th -0 1d4
10th -0 1d6-1
11th -0 1d6-1
12th -0 1d6-1
13th -0 1d6-1
14th -0 1d6-1
15th -0 1d6
16th -0 1d6
17th -0 1d6
18th -0 1d6
19th -0 1d6
20th -0 1d6

Erratic Advance (Ex)

At 5th level a chaos monk can attempt to daze an opponent with a wild and erratic rush. As part of a charge, a chaos monk can activate this ability, forcing her opponent to make a will save (DC 10+ Monk Level) or become Dazed for 1 round. The Monk can use this ability a number of times per-day equal to her wisdom modifier (minimum once per-day)

Displacing Stance (Sp)

Beginning at 7th level, the chaos monks movements become so wild and unpredictable that she can partially displace herself for a number of rounds per day equal to half her chaos monk class level (These rounds need not be consecutive). This grants the chaos monk 20% chance that an attacker misses because of the displacing stance. At 12th this bonus becomes 50%. It requires a standard action to enter

Fredome of Thought (Su)

The chaos monk's thought process becomes so anarchic at 11th level that once perday should she fail a will save against a mind-affecting effect she may immediately reroll her save (with the same modifiers to the roll). She must take the result of the second roll even if it is worse.

Anarchic Self (Su)

Same as perfect self except the monk gains the Chaotic Subtype.

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