Character Creation
  • All characters start at level 5 and are allowed to grow until level 20. (This may change should we allow epic levels)
  • It is possible to use 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons Feats without any need of conversion. However if the feat you are interested in refers to skills in anyway you may need to request a conversion. Ignore any section referring to XP cost involving Magic Item Creation Feats.
  • We Require that you use DND Sheets character sheets, registration is required, but it's free and the sheets are excellent. Place a link to this sheet on your character page here on the wiki. Remember to use Pathfinder Sheets.
  • Ability Scores must be determined using Pathfinder 34 Point Buy Generation. We recommend that if you are having trouble with the point buy that you use The Point Buy Calculator to help determine your Ability Scores.
  • Characters are allowed up to 2 Flaws and 2 Traits and 1 Background Feat and only one skills/feats are free. You do not gain the special item listed under backgrounds. (More Information on Backgrounds HERE Keep in mind due to the many different base classes out there we are allowing any class to take any background regardless. However we expect you to be fair and gentlemanly; do not pick a background simply because it helps with a mechanical build. If it's going to be apart of your characters life it better well be.
  • All Characters start with 9500 Gold Pieces. No more, no less.
  • Hit Points are maxed at first level; however every level after first players receive static hit point gain afterward depending on your Hit dice: d4: 3 d6: 4 d8: 6 d10: 8 d12: 10
  • Races, feats, classes, spells, etc; must be selected from a Pathfinder Source or a 3.5 Wizards of the Coast approved book (Only if Converted Properly). Should you desire the use of something that isn't from a book, is home brew, or otherwise from 3.0 and no longer exists in 3.5 or Pathfinder you may request it in forums. Base Classes should be converted to Pathfinder. Conversion is a simple process that can be done with the help of the Pathfinder Conversion guide which can be picked up for free HERE.
  • Monks now follow special rules. Instead of Pathfinder please use Pathfinder Monk and gain Psionics and powerpoints as a psionic warrior from 3.5 would. You can read up on Psionics and the Psionic Warrior HERE please use skill Psicraft in place of concentration.
  • All alignments are permitted and should be properly role played
  • Action Points are enabled (See below)
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