Cruise Line And Sinker

GM: Birdman

Players: Nix, Tai-Li

One day at lithdim there was word of a cruise liner heading out for its first voyage. However, when the group were enjoying themselves and making merry, a monsterous beast of an octopus grew out from the oceanic and its tentacled embrace wrapped at the ship and the adventurers. Some managing to escape, tai-li went on down deck with nix blasting away with electrical bursts of magic. But when all hope seemed lost with Tai-Li being taken by the beast, it was found that the artistic monk had 4 charges of packs that were powering the lighting in the ship, taking them with him into the gullet of the beast at his defeat and in turn, taking the beast with him to the grave with an electrical burst of shocking amplified by the watery embrace around the beast. With the adventurers washed up ashore, tai-li's whole form with heavy casualty washed in, luckily still in tact if not without life. However, with the return back to lithdim by shore floatation, it would appear that the grateful healers of lithdim would consider an act rewarding of a return to life as tai-li was brought back.

DM reward, auto true resurrection (tai-li), lifting of level up restriction.

51K gp (split between)
18k xp (ask Avraham)

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