Crystal Spiders And A Clown

DM: Heather

Players: Bell, Itz, Jella and Eventually Emilia

The night started off with Bell and Itz hanging out in the bar, Knickknack and Raspberry came in and made out for a while till Something Cool Ran them off. Jella got drunk at the bar and just about passed out. Avra left and came back and left agian. Some Yuks and Mafia boys had a fight out side. After things quieted down again a random crystal spider took a bite out of Itz, Bells caught it and chewed it up but before long swarms of teh things started pouring into the bar. Bells, Itz and Jella killed roughly 500 of them before they started bringing down the Tavern. Itz dragged bells into the shadows and out a side door of the tavern, just in time for Emilia to appear and take out the whole place with a massive orb of negative energy. She then rebuilt the bar sans the tender. She single handily fought off the rest of the horde. Standing behind her wall of gears.

Bells = 13k
Itz = 10k
Jella = 11k

Gold: 100 gp per level in amethyst shards.
Emilia left her share so each player gets an additional 700 Gp worth of amethyst

And 1k extra Exp to Itz for the write up

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