Damion Bane

Character Sheet

Race: Half-Celestial Human
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good


Appearance :
Standing over six feat tall and wearing resplendent plate mail. Damion is an imposing figure, add in his white and gold wings, his piercing blue eyes and platinum blond hair and one might say he was an Angel. One would not be far from the truth. He always carries a scimitar, the holy weapon of his god.

Personality :
Damion believes very few things are beyond redemption. That all living things hold a spark of goodness some where within there psyche. To this end, he tries to talk most people down rather than fight, but if it comes to a fight he will end it quickly not wishing to cause undue pain to the tortured soul.

Background :
Damion was raised in the Church of Sarenrae. He was taught from a very young age that every one and everything deserves a chance and that nothing "under the sun" is completely evil or vile. He has dedicated his life to the pursuit of his goddess ideals, bringing her teachings to the far corners of the world. Teaching when he can, and fighting when he must.

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