Day 1 Zitz


Players: Zitz, Zypher, Kitty, Marca

Rewards: 6200 exp, 15 potions of Lesser Restoration, Blankets, Pillows, and Sausages

Day 1 ~ Zitz

Woke up this morning feeling like shit, I wasn't the only one though… Marca was using my bed that night and at first I thought it was just from me sleeping on the floor wrong. I was wrong; she threw up shortly after getting up. We went down stairs and everything was unbearably quiet, the sounds of hungry groans of and disgusting look of creatures once called humans were there. It wasn't right… it wasn't right at all… they gave me, marca, and one other dude and another dudette. The citizens were throwing up not just food, but blood and some gore too… we fought them all off and we found we were all very sick. We had to kill those civilians… well; they were once civilians. Their monsters now, flesh hungry, monstrous fiends…

We introduced each other after the fight and started heading towards an Alchemist shop. Amongst us are: Zypher, a pretty skilled gunman with a good shot, Kitty a strange somewhat selfish girl who can phase through walls, Marca a skilled and beautiful entertainer… she doesn't deserve to be in this mess, and then theres me Zitz a street brawling boggard. I never have been evil like my brethren I always fought for the greater good…

As we headed towards the shop we found a whole bunch of zombies. I used my jumping capabilities and jumped to the roof of a building and then moved to jump to the roof of the alchemy shop. Zypher climbed the roof to a near by building and started keeping the zombies busy, Kitty ran in to get her own potions, and Marca followed up close behind on the roof I was previously on. Kitty and Zypher managed to kill them all using grenades and a few pistol shots.

We cleared the area and began looting out the lost buildings. We picked up some food, blankets and pillows, and a few more medications to keep us healthier. I don't know how long we are gonna survive but goddammit I'll do what it takes just so long as those bastards don't eat me or my friends. We ended the day by making a fortification on the roof top across the alchemy shop. Lord almighty Kord please be with me and my friends. We are just poor mortal men in the darkest of times. Have mercy on our souls and god bless us.


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