Day 2 Zitz


Players: Zitz, Zypher, Anas, Phil, Kitty

Rewards: 2000 Experince 3 potions

Day 2, Zitz

We got off the roof this morning and head down the street for the next alchemist shop. We heard a lot of heavy gun fire as well as some fire from a flame thrower. We found some drunk old loon named Phil and a flamethrower warrior with a gas mask named Anastas; he was apparently part of the city watch. Feels a lot safer having a guard with us. They were firing off heavy rounds and fighting them off by the rifle butts. They got them in the end though and I'm glad they killed everyone of those flesh eating sons of bitches… We finished up there and headed towards a huge alchemist factory Zypher informed us about. We got there and we cleared out the place of zombies. In the end we found a library full of potions and bottles; and a giant undead scorpion. That proved to be not too much trouble for Zypher and Phil. We set up fortifications here and immediately, looked around. Unfortunately we only found 3 medications we needed, we did however find many vast laboratories with lots of ingredients in them that could be used for making these medications… unfortunately not a scientist amongst us. Altough maybe the others have an idea? Hopefully we get a yes rather than a no…

~ Zitz

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