[[[Day One, Into the Jaws headfirst]]]

DM: Grixis


Yoko, Captain Ike, Pazenga

The PCs were hired by the Begnession army to investigate a Vraksian Facility that was thought to have produced exotic weaponry during the war. The PCs were promised large sums of gold and their very own province. Upon arriving the party discovered a few corpses, one of which was headless, and a burining mass of wood. They removed a barricade from the door and found a disembodied hand. From the hallway they heard an inhuman howling from within. The party made their way inside and entered a hallway strewn with rubble. From the rubble Ike pulled a peice of parchment that was a fragment of a list, the parchment instructed the user to commited suicide with poison as they 5th step in an unknown list. They passed into a second hallway at which point something dropped onto Ike from the ceiling. It turned out to be another disembodied hand and the pcs found the res tof the corpse nailed to the ceiling when they looked up. The party definitely heard something behind them in the previous room and investigated. Finding nothing they opened the next door and the previous one slammed behind them. In the next room they found a guard checkpoint with several dead guards. A magical pistol with no ammo was looted from a guard. Curiosuly Yoko detected magic on the guard's wounds which was strange. While looting the pcs heard footsteps from the floor above them that walked towards the hallway they had come from. Throughout this entire time Inhuman howling was heard but could not be traced. Ike reached for the door but was cut short when something slammed against it. After waiting a few minutes the party tried the door but found it barricaded from the other side. With a good push Ike dislodged the door and made his way through. Blocking the door was a very silly looking weapons chest that contained a magical pistol that boosted the Strength Ability by 1 when wielded. They found 2 large cylinder like objects in the room with a worn out label that read T_L__O_T_R. Some of the letters were faded and could not be read. In the next room the PCs found another cylinder and several boarded up dirt tunnels leading from the room. In the room they also found a rock that oozed blue liquid that was also magical. The next set up double doors had a lead bar twisted around the handles making it difficult to open. The PCs heard something behind them and turned to see one of the corpses from the extrance behind them. It proved to be a zombie and attacked the party, joined by more of its like from the tunnels. The party moved down through the next door into another hallway. They stopped short sensing somthing was wrong and spotted a distortion in the wall. Yoko used detect magic and had a split second image of the wall covered in eyes. Yoko went into shock and blinked several times but the image was gone. Yoko poked at the distortion with his spear and the wall formed teeth and distorted very reality to bite at him. Yoko leapt back out of his reach but lost his spear. Ike went back and threw a zombie corpse to feed the hungry rip in reality. Quicker than the eye could follow, the wall ate the corpse leaving only a bloodstain behind. The rest of the party was reluctant to advance but eventually reached the next door.

xp 816

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