Desert Warzone


Players: Trassian Side: Jella, Nalei, and Terjon | Kobolds: Yuk

Briefing: The party was recruited in the taverns of the merchants district by a Trassian and a Kobold for war. Most went with the trassian sides but Yuk stayed in honor of kobold heritage and Hu-Tai. The war was short and bloody however the kobolds recieved the most casualties loseing 181 men out of their 400 90 of them were sent to Trassian enslavement camps. Yuk was crucified and killed on the hills of Arathagul. However, Jella saw a rainbow scale forming where a huge caping hoel had been made from a gun shoot wound by the Trassian emperor. Area #35 on the map has been taken by the trassians. The kobolds are now suffering a great depression.

The Trassian Party Gained

18,000 gold from the Trassian Emporer

2500 experince

The Kobold Party Gained


Yuk became a martyr of Hu-tai and will arise from his grave in seven days. He has a rainbow scale on his chest and will arise with the "Saint Template".

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