Detective Phear

Phear is one of Artos's closest and most trusted friend and ally. As Phear was raised he was born into war. He became blood thirsty and fought many battles. He was dieing in his last battle. While he was dieing he prayed to Phiran for forgiveness in all he had done. Phiran let him die then returned his soul to his body telling him. "You are to destroy all evil and gain clemency from the gods. If not you will spend an eternity in hell for what you have done." When he returned home he found his family murdered by renegades such as hisself. As he searched to find who did it he came across Artos and found he had put the the renegades that had killed his family to death by his own hands. As he talked to Artos. He realized the messes in his life and the familys, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers he had murdered. And vowed to change his ways and serve under Artos's order for as long as he shall live. As payment to him for justifying his family's murder.

"I may be divine but I'm also a neccasary evil."

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