Diabolus is a former Paladin of The Raven Queen. After contact with a powerful evil outsider offering him power in return for service Diabolus renounced his oaths to The Raven Queen and proclaimed her a false god. Diabolus swore new oaths to his fiendish masters and inscribed their sigils to his flesh. Forsaking his given name he took up the alias Diabolus and began the tasks his new gods had for him. Diabolus is a champion of his gods and earns much of their attention with his deeds and offerings.

Diabolus is methodical in his evil and has no qualms about working with good aligned characters. This does not stop him from trying to make them willfully turn to evil. He is associates with Erebus, his mentor on becoming a Blackguard.

Diabolus is tall and clad in heavy armor. He wears a cape of flayed skin with scriptures cut into it. He wields a sword that drains the life of those it strikes.


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