Dockside Shadows

DM: Maul

Players: Harry(Birds), Mantis Redd

Mantis Redd has been hired out by the city guard to hunt down the supposed rapist and killer Itzal "The Shadow". He spent days asking around town to only to be lead down blind allys and dead ends. Luck was upon him when he noted a child running away from one of his interviews. He took chase and followed the child, at this point Harry joined in on the chaise. Mantis followed the child up a water spout while Harry followed on foot. Mantis managed to cornor the child on a warehouse roof, But harry distracted him just long enough for the child to almost get away. At the last moment Harry grabed the child by the shirt and the two began to question him in the middle of the dock side streets. This annoyed a few sailors and shop keepers, but moments after they captured the boy they were both enveloped in an impenetrable deeper darkness spell. Harry released the Child and spoke to the shadow. He ofcourse denied everything. He told them to drop there investigation, else he would stalk them and all of there loved ones to there death beds.

2000 Exp for the chase and atlest finding something that might be Itzal

The next day Harry had an idea they went to the roof where the "Shadow" thing dissapered and tried to track it. As with all things it was not that simple, it seems the roof where the "shadow" vanished from had much traffic, making it very hard for Harry's tracking spell to do its trick. They decided to check business that had changed hands since the clown went down. Redd being an alcoholic urged for one of the local bars the "Drunken Mermaid". Bromhilda the keeper of the bar set them up with some drinks but quickly became tired of there pussy footing around questions. Redd got sick from the strong brew that he was served and threw up a few times. Redd then decided that an Alchemy shop and some antacid might be a good idea. Lat'Ki's Alchmest shop was right across the street so they went there. Redd bought him self some anti toxin and antacid from Lat'ki and elderly man from the frozen north, or some island his accent is weird so Harry has problems placing it. While Redd is recovering and talking to Lat'ki Harry searches the shop, including the back room. There he found some of the Clown's drug that Lat'ki was attempting to Analise and make a cure for.

2000 Exp pending for once agian finding a clue but not Itzal

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