Dr. Infunt's Island

DM: Birdman

Players: Aerin, Jarael, Darpa, Darc, Goren

Summary: King Naelvich commissioned the Pope Darpa to round up some adventurers and destroy a floating fortress in the ocean. The group got there, and took a beating from the islands's colossal gatling guns! They swam or flew into an unguarded drain pipe an split up to explore. Jarael went off on her own. Aerin and the rest went off, killed some goblins who were manning the guns, and ran in to Infunt, a disembodied fetus who had taken over a Goliath's body. The Island then self-destructed, and most got away. Seso, darpa's guard, and Darc, were obliterated in the blast.

10k GP for all
Knighthood (+2 Diplo inherent bonus to all)
Aerin: 6000 XP
Jarael: 3030 XP
Darpa: 10940 XP
Goren: 2450X XP

(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) oh and include in the write up
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) Jarael used a teleporter
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) met Dr.Infunt
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) cut a deal with him
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) stole 20k gold from him
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) a golem manual
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) and 3 rubies worth 3k each
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) then hit the self destruct button
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) I
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) FUCKING
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) LOVE
(4546) BIRDMAN: (GM Whisper:) HER

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