Dr Infunts Epic Abortion


Players: Irene, Terjon, Bell, Aerin

Description: The party bravely assaulted Dr. Infunts latest doomsday mobile base! They traipsed in (bravely, daringly, and with much pomp and circumstance) and proceeded to kill some newbs. They rampaged, and then Irene randomly showed up. The group (Terjon, Irene, Bell, and some windy chick from Chicago, the windy city (Aerin) rofl stomped all opposition, and aborted a giant fetus along with his many many dwarven nurses. They then sacked a conspiciously placed library. Seriously, WHO HAS A LIBRARY ON A JIANT AIR-SHIP THINGY?! WHO DOES THAT?! Irene blinded and deafened him, and he died due to massive trauma delivered by Chuck Norris, with the aid of the heroic party members. (Chuck did not actually appear, it was all the party's fault.) He died, blind and deaf, and unloveed by anyone, not even his dead mother/father/parents/test tube. He fell onto a "Self Destruct" button he always has, and the party BARELY escaped alive!
Irene lost her underwear, and was embarassed. The group got paid 7kish gold, and got 12000 exp. They also went to a tavern randomly and had a good time. Oh. And they are now freindly with all Pro-Choice advocates, and are now on the hit list of many many Pro-Life terrorist cells. Sucks to be them. Dr. Infunt is dead. Long live doctor infunt!

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