Drugs Are Bad

DM: Fuckin' Boidman(BIRDMAN)

Players: Anastas(Kalva), Cesmary(Nalei), Damion(Maul)

Raided a warehouse/drug factory filled with psychotic fat gnome-clowns, blew shit up. Roof collapsed, killed extra ugly clown "Bobobo-bo-bobobo"(Or something like that.), found room full of corpses, including the body of a half-elf named "Jarael".

Birdman left, Nalei left, Kalva took a poop and came back to do the write up.


1750 EXP for Cesmary
2500 EXP for Anastas and Damion
Additional 500 EXP for Anastas for write-up
1500 gold for everyone.
Badge/City Watch Job for Anastas.

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