Dungeon Master Rules & Resources

Dungeon Masters can be anyone that has played in the community for at least over a week. All Dungeon Masters are required to do the following:

  1. Be Gentlemanly: We ask that Dungeon Masters act appropriately towards other players and other dungeon masters and to never show biased behavior to one another.
  2. Do your Job: You can not play a PC you run and DM at the same time for xp/gold for the PC. You can however use your PC as a plot device.
  3. Rewards: Rewards should be within reason of the player characters level. Do not give out too much or too little always try to give the right amount
  4. Understand The 3.5 E Rules: Make sure you understand the 3.5 D20 system rules.
  5. Monsters: Be free with monsters just don't give the players something you know they can't handle. If you are new it is highly recommended that you use pre stated monsters from the Monster Manual.
  6. Players: Be nice to players but don't be too nice; and if they do give you trouble don't take it from them. If they have a serious problem it can be discussed with administration. Remember the Dungeon Master has the final say.
  7. Be Creative: DMing is very fun, it allows you to create a game of your own to challenge players to see how they think and act. Do what you can to make the game interesting.
  8. Dungeon Master Incentive: Naelvich allows DM's to earn experience and gold for DMing. When you finished a game a dungeon master may take the average of the total party exp and total gold and either add it to ONE of their characters or store it for a later character, or alternatively to buy off LA.
  9. Roleplay Experience Not all adventures need be running through dungeons. At many times RP can be just as rewarding here on Naelvich. RP exp is given out in groups of 10% of the characters exp needed to level up per hour of role play (and nothing but role play). This role play experience cannot be given out along with a adventure. It is possible however to give out extra experience to those who stayed in very good character for an entire adventure of up to 5% experience per hour and a half no more no less.

Dungeon Master Resources

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