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Now I'm sure a lot of you have a lot of questions such as

"Why is it closed?"

"Is it gone forever?"

"Will it come back?"

Well I will start top to bottom. We are closed simply because of the lack of DMing, Lack of players, and to be very honest, with no offense to any of you. The OpenRPG community isn't that great. ORPG community wants too much, expresses childish behavior (I will go further into that), throws temper tantrums when things don't go there way, is WAY too worried about being polite; to the point where it helps no one, and of course player quality.

Now all that I will explain; Players seem to want too much. They go to a steam punk setting; and somehow they expect sword and sorcy and no guns or technology. They don't want steam punk, they wan't fantasy. It's borderline trolling for someone to be here and cause a shit storm of rage.

Players are also very childish, Jam has some issues but honestly a HUGE freak out but he isn't as bad as Nalei. Nalei is an amazing individual; me and tortilla have spoken of it. Basically we all came to the conclusion she is a whiny wanna be know it all (she actually doesn't know shit which is funny to me). It appears she had been private messaging people to not play here; requesting and begging them not to. Now if we had a "No 12 years olds rule" she would be banned from Naelvich; because that kind of behavior is childish and petty, to be entirely honest and without offending; and if it is offending; good You deserve to be offended.
I mostly type this so everyone is aware she is out there and just spreading that shit, which is bullshit and to show how childish and petty (apparently) adults can get.

Moving on from that; it seems players on the OpenRPG take things too personally. Heres an example, Hoovybodybags got hit with warp touched. He became permanently blind. Now, 90% of players would have bitched and moaned and cried. Hoovy didn't he took it like a man, and did even better! He made it part of his RP. It's just a new challenge; you shouldn't fret over failure. Success only ends things, Failure however makes a world of possibilities. In other words everyone wants their character to be god. Kind of the same problem with Natie back on black marches who fell in love with her monster so much she gave her self the illusion that it was god even though it was only CR23 and anyone of the demon lords could kill it with a blink of an eye; but thats not the point. Point is, YOU ARE NOT GOD, AND YOU NEVER WILL BE. Your characters (In some cases "For the most part") are MORTAL. Simply mortal, they eat, drink, breathe air, grow old, and die. So as they say on the internet "Why u mad brah?". Stop being mad and deal with it.

Next was problem with characters and players. I would like to thank the following people for ruining my last game: Jarael, Darpa.

Space Marines and Spartans? Seriously? I got so many complaints later that night after you two pulled that shit; and honestly I was pissed too. When I wrote the plague setting it was a horror setting with lots of openings for interesting characters. Different Psychologies make good characters. I mean look at Watchmen; all of those characters: Nite Owl, The Comedian, Rorshach, Dr.Manhattan and others are all normal people in the book. They have houses, they do normal people things. All (save for the Dr.Manhattan) don't even have super powers. The book itself focuses on the characters psych. As opposed to superman where its all bells and whistles. People hate my analogies but again just look at it for what it is. Fancy suit characters ripped off of some (some of these being horrible games, or in complete different type of setting) video games. Make an actual character with some sort of thought or feeling for god sake. I'm not saying don't get inspired; hell Avraham is inspired by a lot of media figures; "But if he's inspired by many media figures whats the difference?". The difference is for one thing: Many. Many means I got many ideas from variety of resources and compiling them into one, and when I did that. It was only for his image. The other difference is: He's not just a total rip. Honestly you guys did everything: The spartan gear, the power suit from warhammer, you even refereed to the king as "The Emperor". I mean put them side by side

A scottish highland like warrior, big and burly with long black hair and a chin curtain beard. Very handsome he wears a large medal with the symbol of a claymore sword and a lightning bolt.
Could you tell at all he was semi inspired by gastons beauty and the beast? None of that fits gaston at all other than "Big Burly and handsome"

Now looking at yours

She is in big green armored power suit and is using force bullets in her tommy gun weapon. Her suit is green, and has an orange visor that is only some what clunky and looks exactly like halo.
It's clear your a spartan, your a wanna be. I have a meme for this issue I am discussing actually…


Just admit it: Your playing a spartan, and a Space Marine. IN A STEAM PUNK SETTING.
There is no ifs ands or buts; you guys RUINED the horror atmosphere of that game and scared some people off.

Now on to the temper tantrums. Remember the toystore game I run. Also Jack before you make an argument: Fuck you, your wrong. That game was not my fault at all. You did nothing but jerk off, your wizard expected to fight with CANTRIPS at level 5. You guys had no reason to be mad PERIOD. I should have killed you all just for being the shittiest team I ever saw. The warlock was one hitting the basic monsters and EVERYTHING was below YOUR CR. No. Excuse. I am not blaming myself for that game and if we ever run again I am just going to kill parties that don't work together, or don't put any thought into the team. Excuse me let me rephrase that for mister cantrips "KILL PARTIES THAT DON'T USE RATIONAL THOUGHT". Your a kobold wizard; to make that decision is an OPTIMIZED choice. How could a good race for THE BEST CLASS IN THE GAME fail so hard? When you have idiots not use or prepare proper spells. Point is: YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS GET YOUR WAY.

That's the way life is. It's tough shit but let me say it simply…


Now on to being too polite or too blunt. Honestly, NOBODY tells me anything. I get "Guns are cool" then five seconds later "MOST UNBALANCED PIECE OF SHIT EVER". Be straight with me don't just tell me shit, that helps no one. then theres too blunt "Hurr guns are OP". Then I show said person very good reasons why they are not. Their arguement is "Hurr hurr I don't like guns". Instead of making stupid excuses to not like something cause your worried about offending me just come out and say it cause your more of a headache to deal with that way.

Overall, what I am saying is the OpenRPG community shitty for all of these reasons and makes it very hard to run these places. Lots of dicking around which players really need to stop doing and just see it for what it is.


That is one of the reasons why Naelvich is currently closed; however not the major underlying reason. Another issue is lack of DM's… I really shouldn't be the only one DMing. So until we get more DM's there is no way this place comes back.

Which brings us to another topic: Will Naelvich come back? answer is:

Possibly. If you guys can find enough DM's and enough willing players sure we can make a come back if your interested or think you have something you can email me @ su.noegipgnimoh|namdriB#su.noegipgnimoh|namdriB

Now I won't be able to DM for awhile which makes the plot game of "The Plague of Lithdim" interesting cause now Naelvich is currently under some sort of crazy status that people have to deal with. As for the survivor game; I will hold that off too which actually makes sense ICly because the party last rested in an alchemical factory. I'm sure they can find all the meds they need there so there is no problem for if Naelvich makes a come back.

However only under the conditions of us gaining DM's and larger player base will we actually come back which people are working on currently. Kalva has a group heading our way real soon apparently. So maybe you guys might get up and running again.

As for me; school, and regular birdsnest community prevent me from being here all the time. Tuesdays and Thursdays I may end up being at school till 4:00 pm! Pathfinders takes too much for game setup/playing so I will almost never be around tues and thurs if I am ever around. Unless something happens like snow day (yeah my college has snow days it lulz worthy), or holiday or something.

Overall I probably won't be here. If your willing to continue the setting like I said Email me and I will speak to you about how things should go. None of you will be allowed to advance the plague plot, however. That is my written tale and mine alone…

Now for the other reasons I left, and most of the issue was lack of people and the horrible OpenRPG community, and the players being morons and either killing the fun for other people or just being stupid or trolling.

If we get back up in better business I will make a return and play for a little while and then run another plot game.

The other problem with openrpg is the community is far too small and Nalei has spread bad rumors about us. I could go and spread bad things about Alvena and Ethar; but again: I am not petty nor am I immature.

Tortilla wanted me to actually get away from this shitfail community and move on to a Garrysmod DND Role Play server which… I think might be a little awkward. I am not sure though may have to test game with him later.

In the end I do want to say we had a good run so far, and I think we can continue having a good run if someone is interested in DMing for once. For now this is Birdman flying away he may return right now it's up to you guys.

Temporary Closeing by avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman, 22 Jul 2010 17:36
Re: Fay'Ri
avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman 08 Jul 2010 06:21
in discussion Naelvich Forums / Requests » Fay'Ri


Re: Fay'Ri by avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman, 08 Jul 2010 06:21

Does it still make you Large?

Re: Steam Shpahrthain by Tortilla ChipsTortilla Chips, 07 Jul 2010 23:12
MaulMaul 07 Jul 2010 19:29
in discussion Naelvich Forums / Requests » Fay'Ri

Basicly kinda a sunelf Tifling for those of you that dont know what they are, There elders/leaders are half fiend elves whom have inter-breed with regular elves .. creating the Fay'Ri

As always click the link

I have tweeked them slightly giving them less demonic powers starting off, but making there powers grow as they gain levels.
Also, since they are a bred society not a normal race I was thinking of making a Faction where all of Naelvich's Fay'Ri would come from. Of course that doesn't stop any one from making a Rogue Fay'ri it just gives them a nice lil extra back story ..

Maybe some ancient evil has awoken in the Dark Forest and has started kidnaping Elven maidens in the night or even just elves in general to be changed/Mutated/possesed ect .. Any way What yall think ?

Fay'Ri by MaulMaul, 07 Jul 2010 19:29

eh…. clockwork armor but srsly…

Sphess Mahreens > Insert Name Stolen from greece

REquest for a modified version of clockwork armor: Aesthetically like Halo Spartan armor, with clockwork hidden under the armour. Stats are identical to clockwork armor, except for a +4 to intimidate checks, and a -4 to charisma while using armor. The armor also features air-tight configuration, causing the wearer to be immune to air-borne and contact poisons for 15 mins (as long as the air in the suit/tanks last. The suit's tanks refill automatically in clean-air enviroments.

Y/n? Mods?

Steam Shpahrthain by JaraelJarael, 06 Jul 2010 00:38

Time to merge this portion of this community to my main community "BIRDSNEST"

Don't worry nothings changed altough I do want to inform you guys we do other games and things here is our forum link:

It's a BRAND NEW forum, and we do a lot of games… right now were on Sourcemod only but were trying to spread out best we can. We have blogs and a lot of fancy things too so check that out if you have a community request we will look into it.

and before you ask

YES I am thinking about League of Legends, but I am not sure. No we are not really a "Clan".

Clans are for pussies. Basiclly were a bunch'a'gamers who like to pretty much just like to party and relax were not into the whole "NATIONAL GAMING LEAGUE" or "MAJOR LEAGUE GAMER" crap because…



^ Picture says it all

We personally find competitive play for dorks. So basiclly we really are a simple group not truly about anything in particular, just hanging out, having fun, playing games the way they were meant to be played.

Birdsnest Gaming by avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman, 05 Jul 2010 02:54

naw its fine looks good. I'll write a page regarding maneuvers soon.

Re: Warblades for PF by avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman, 04 Jul 2010 15:30

As always I will save you from a wall of unwanted Txt

I actually got a little ahead of my self and started posting this in the Converted Class section .. sorry birds

Warblades for PF by MaulMaul, 04 Jul 2010 05:16
Re: For the ladys by avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman, 04 Jul 2010 04:33

Already Approved

Re: Scout for PF by avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman, 04 Jul 2010 01:24
Scout for PF
MaulMaul 03 Jul 2010 03:52
in discussion Naelvich Forums / Requests » Scout for PF

Figured id save every one from a wall O text .. so click da block to see the conversion

Scout for PF by MaulMaul, 03 Jul 2010 03:52

I know they are over blown and all that but they are fun lol

For the ladys by MaulMaul, 02 Jul 2010 19:57

Guards and police run frantically through the streets looking for the following people who meet these standards: Uninfected, Sterile, Alchemists, Clerics, Medical Experts, Mages, and Doctors.

The Entire Poor District of Lithdim is CLOSED OFF!

Police are instructing non infected people in refugee camps, gasmasks and anti disease suits are being issued about and Plague Doctors are roaming the streets. Commoners are also dieing in the streets. The disease is known to have black boils and swollen body parts of victims.

Attention! by avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman, 01 Jul 2010 23:58

I wouldn't allow two performances at once…

Unless you cut both perform checks in half and rolled them together or something

bardic performance
jester performance
perform (comedy)3 ranks
perform (any)3 ranks

Both bard and jester levels stack for duration of either performance. When changing performances or maintaining performances, you can maintain both performances with one free action, or one performance with a free action and change another performance with a standard action.

Comedic Entertainner by Jam730Jam730, 01 Jul 2010 02:43
Re: Guns
MaulMaul 30 Jun 2010 19:09
in discussion Naelvich Forums / General Discussion » Guns

Well Also, D20 modern/past/future/arcana are all low magic campaigns .. I believe the highest lvl spell in that world is lvl 5 so enchanted weapons are just about artificats there .. Our world is a high magic world .. but its starting to develop technology .. So .. I would go with lower base damage on the guns .. more akin ta bows there would even be the possibility for some transparency .. some Bow/Ranged feats could easily apply to guns as well.. such as point blank shot .. Makes perfect sense to me that a gun hurts more close up .. you get some muzzle flash .. as for people complaining about the damage being low on guns .. Yeah .. may be .. but its the same as all other ranged attacks .. low damage Yes .. But your out of melee so that gives you an Up on the Melee'ers and Guns deal Bludgeoning damage and piercing damage .. thats awesome .. two damage types in one roll you cant beat that for getting though lots of DR's out there .. As for enchantments .. there is actually a small list that goes for ranged weapons .. most weapon enchants are meant for melee weapons .. Any way .. so my opinion .. Do away with 'splosive dice, let us enchant guns but only with the small list of enchants, and let there be some transparency with ranged feats .. And monks .. Im okey with making them ware something on there hands or wrists or what ever to deflect bullets .. that makes sense ..

Basic List of Ranged weapon Enchants from the PF SRD

Re: Guns by MaulMaul, 30 Jun 2010 19:09

Yeah A feels more balanced for our setting… due to enchantment… however… I think I need to do a little more reading to be sure. There is a book called "Urban Arcana"… looking through it. Okay it sounds like there is no enchantments in the d20 modern setting. Thus the reason why guns can be very strong; also there is a thing known as defense bonus… AC is much more abundant in d20 modern than it is in 3.5 and pathfinder.

I strongly suggest we go with Option A for the first one too because. In our setting it is much more balanced to simply gain 2 extra attacks at -6 and then an automatics expert (basically someone who uses the Tommy gun or The Gatling) and they can make three attacks which can be chosen to be made on separate opponents or with the feat "Burst Fire" one opponent. The only way I REALLY see this as abusable or not a big deal is to Auto Rangers. Basically Rangers who will get terrain bonuses and favored enemy bonuses to attack so automatic fire may mean little to nothing to them. Either way I think this is our best option

Re: Guns by avrahamthebirdmanavrahamthebirdman, 29 Jun 2010 23:41
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