Get Me My Brown Pants

DM: Birdman

Players: (Anastas)Kalva, (Ursula, Irene)Tex

Some Engineer walked into a tavern asking for help with his creation going apeshit. Ursula nabbed some gold from him, but didn't help because she's a fucking cock-sucking whore-slut. Irene and Anastas took the job. They fought ridiculously powerfull construct, but after a failed trap, Irene fled. Anastas stayed and managed to find an old rifle with 8 shots in a stripper clip. Using rubberbands and paperclips he'd gotten during his raid on the drug warehouse, he rigged all 8 shots to go off at once, raping the machine. He then got the Engineer arrested for property damage and terrible handling/use of his warfare mechanics license.


10,000 EXP for Anastas and Irene
1,500 Gold for Anastas from Engineer None for Irene (She offered to do it free of charge)
4,000 Gold for Anastas for write-up

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