Goren Mountainbreaker

Goren Mountainbreaker

Goren's tribe of goliaths had suffered an ancient curse of legend. A curse that changed them forever into an insect like creature. Six arms, insect eyes, and hard chitinous skin made them much more adept at defending themselves, but also made them like lepers. Other communities were scared of the curse, that it would pass to any that came too close.

Goren never fit in with his people. As an "outcast" among the outcasts, Goren was restrained and only let loose to be used for his immense capabilities in battle. He lead every charge, not because he was a logical choice, but an expendable resource that would take down quite a few enemies before the rest arrived. He was ferocious, full of rage, and immensely strong.

As the years went by peace fell upon his people. His blood lust was no longer being sated. His people began speaking of executing him. There was no need for him anymore and they wouldn't risk letting him loose amongst them. These rumors fell on his ears as his guards spoke in hushed tones one night. The thought of his death stirred in him a rage he had never felt before. As he gave into it, he grew larger. His muscles expanded, his body grew longer, his heart beat so fast that the sound of it deafened him. He felt the power of the mountains as he broke his chains…

Shortly after his escape from his restraints his people lay in ruin. None were left with breath in them, or a mouth with which to take that breath. He now roams the world doing as he pleases, his only reminder of the massacre a necklace of teeth, one tooth from each man, woman, and child he had slain that day.

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