Great Pope Darpa

Character Sheet


Backround: Back in the days of Yonder the great Pope Darpa was but a mere adventurer wtih dreams of gold and glory, he adventured with a young free spirited (and a tad bit gullible) group of adventurers, which included one Avraham Crockett. After many crusades in the name of his god he aquired both the money and power to acend into the position of a Pope of Lithdim. While he now holds this honorable position he still has the same lust for adventure and gold. Every once and awhile he and his old freind avraham meet up to do various jobs for old times sake (and Money).
Fun Facts: The Pope Darpa tends to be manipulative at times and will do almost anything for money and power. The Pope keeps his ruby encrusted steam revolver with him at all times. The Pope's suit of full plate armor actually looks like a suit. He reveres war, for war is a great way to provide work and revenue, and has always had an apreciation for nature ever since he was a young lad, but that never distracted him from his pursuit of money. He one day hopes to combine his two loves but he has no idea how to.

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