Hauptmann Hans Großmacht

Hans Großmacht hails from the defeated country of Vraksia. He is a deserted millitary officer holding a rank equivilant to an army captain. After the neighboring army won a major battle and steamrolled the capitol, Hans and his forces fled the country and ended up in Great Lithdim.

Hans is a Hexblade and is capable of cursing his enemies, reducing their luck in battle. He is a longtime veteran of trenchwarfare having served in a stormtrooper unit. Hans speaks common and Vraksian as his languages. He wears a silver breastplate with a red sash across it, marking his rank as a captain, and carries an officer's sword. Hans is followed by his senior squad leader Obersturmführer Karl Gottberg.

Hans' Sheet HauptmannHans
Karl's Sheet Obersturmführer Karl

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