Name: Heather
Race: Half Elf
Class: Sorceress, 5th
Alignment: Lawful Evil.
(Deceased: Killed by Hector while being mind-raped by Knicknack, before she could be reprogramed into one of his play-toys.)


Appearance: A half elven woman who's garb is quite unusual and foreign, a skin-tight affair made of some leather material,
her hair is long and blonde, her features beautiful yet stern, as if she is accustomed to both being a teacher and a disciplinarian.

Bio: Heather has a long history as a sorceress. Like many of her kind, her younger years were plagued by uncontrolled magic, and the seclusion from society that often brings. upon learning control, and being taken in by her mento, Heather became a devout member of the Gesserit Order of the Grey ( A cult obsessd with a philosophical sense of order: that is, conrolled chaos.)


This character was killed while being mind raped. During her reprogramming she was killed without being given back normal instincts for example "How to eat and breathe". Her character is "Dead" but can be brought back… however upon returning she would well… suffocate. This page was moved to deceased for now to keep things nice'n clean. If there is a way to bring Heather back and a player willing to do so please contact Jarael/Tex.

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