How To Start And Run Factions

There are many large groups, clans, churches, orders, etc in Naelvich. This section will teach you how factions work, the requirements to make them, and how they work mechanically.

Prerequisites for Starting a faction: Leadership. Players are not allowed to start a faction without this feat. It is absolutely necessary that the leading player have leadership. There can be exceptions however although these are rare and few. If you feel there should be an exception for a particular character please request that the character can start the faction. A faction also requires more than two members in order to start.

Player Ran Factions

Clowns of Crime - Ran by Knicknack Disbanded

Naelvich City Watch - Ran by Reaper

Church of Hu-Tai - Ran by Yuk

Drayk's Coven - Ran by Drayk

NPC Ran Factions

The Black Hand - Ran by BIRDMAN

Yakuza - Ran by ___

The Gesserits - Ran by The Reverend Mother of Hidden Rank: Lady Inirya Zhoul

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