Name: Irene
Race: Half Elf
Class: Bard
Level 5th
Alignment: Neutral

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Appearance: A stunningly beautiful girl, who looks young for her age, easily mistaken for being a late teenager (around 17 or so)
Irene has radiant skin, a radiant smile, flawlessly silken golden hair that falls to the back of her waist, sensuous lips, and the body of a godess. Her green emeraldine eyes glitter in that lively and fun loving fashion that deny the existance of any evil at all. Used to the attention of others, she thrives when surrounded by an adoring crowd, and gets pouty when she's not being worshipped.

Bio: A performer through and through, with girlish demeanor and an obsession with gooey romance, Irene is often too eccentric for the more tame people in the world to like, but her beauty and stunning performance skills make even they grudgingly fall in love with her charm. Travelling virtually unarmed, alone, and with almost no protection of any sort, you'd think she had a death wish… were it not for the fact that her music is just…magical…

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