Isak Kann

Name: Isak Kann
Class: Cleric (5) [St. Cuthbert]
Alignment: Lawful Good
Race: Human

Appearance: A strong, obviously well built man, Isak is a no-nonsense man with a strong sense of duty and an even stronger faith in both himself and his god. His short goldish blonde hair and yellowed eyes only add to the sense of granduer he conveys…if only he would ever remove his armor.

Background: Born into the Church, Isak is a born and bred holy knight. His father was a priest, his father's father a priest…as it was. Isak has taken part in many an old crusade, and is not unfamiliar will dealing swift, rightous, and deadly justice.
Recently, he was sent to dispence justice as he roams the world, seeking only to follow orders of his Church, his god's holy plan.


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