Character Sheet

Race: Human Shade [+2]
Class: Rogue 3/Sword Sage 2/'Sin 4
Alignment: Non-Detectable


Appearance : Black and gray, drab and gloomy. Itz dresses in these colors, they are the colors of his trade. His skin is dusky black, his eyes dull gray they look almost blind his hair is streaked black and gray. He is tall and wane, a scare crow left too long in the field, gone to rot and sun bleach.

Personality : Is mutable with each situation, he might shake your hand one moment and slit your throat the next. Itz lost part of his humanity along with his mind when he became a shade, and at times this shows its self, a lack of remorse, a silent shrug to a joke, a look of pity to a lovers whisper. He forever distances his self from every one and everything while silently regretting everything he dose.

Background : Itz was once part of a traveling band of gypsies, his family and caravan crossed paths with the wrong sort of folk and that was the end. Itz escaped, and surely others did as well. He raised his self as best he could on the streets of a city. He never even learned the name of the city, just its rules, its secrets and eventualy the way out. He lived by his quick hands and silent feet, his time spent juggling and walking the rope paying off in burgluery and theft. He stumbled upon the secret of the shadows quite by accident, one should never steal from a priest. He was cursed to the shadow realm but not for long, he sold what was left of his soul and humanity for a chance at revenge and the dark powers were happy to answer. The priest died, but in a way so did Itz, in a way he was reborn. He was stronger and faster, tougher and deadly in darkness and those in power took notice. He killed his fist mark when he was but 15 and many more since. Killing is easy. He dose it well. This is his trade and he dose not think about it. Every one has a job this is his.

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