Name: Jarael (Deceased)
Class: Rogue (5 levels) (Dancer/Entertainer)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Half Elf


Appearance: A short, lithe young woman with luxurious coppertone hair, glittering blue-grey eyes, and an ever present flirty grin. Her posture and way of moving shows a dancer's grace, coupled aesthetically with her figure. (which is displayed rather clearly due to her choice of garb, light cloth and leather combined for looks and mobility over protection.)

Background: A care-free travelling dancer, Jarael has limited reknown among certain circles as an up-and-coming artist of that kind. Although her preferred dance-style is rather exotic, often imitating the movements of snakes, she is skilled in a variety of styles as well, from waltz to something you would probably see in a pub. Currently, she's using her savings to travel, see the world, have a good time, and is keeping her eyes open for establishing contacts at local venues…

Actually, latest news: she went missing, and is presumed quite dead due to the fact she was on an island fortress controlled by Dr. Infunt. The island blew up without much warning, and she is believed to be among the other party members slain there. Her personal belongings were left sitting in her Inn room, never to be claimed by anyone, so the innkeeper simply took what he wanted, and pawned the rest off to pay taxes, while muttering: "Damnable Popes."

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