King Daphnes Johannsen Naelvich

King Daphnes Johannsen Naelvich is the eldest son of the Naelvich family. His great grandfather Luis Harolds Naelvich was the man who discovered the continent of Naelvich and named it such. Luis's son Johnathan would be the one who brought Great Lithdim up and bean it's vastly power empire and metropolis. Daphnes now rules the empire and city of Lithdim. His job is to oversee the entire metropolis. He is not normally seen and is usually in his castle under heavy guard. He is married to queen Alexia and has three children. Two boys and a girl. Daphnes is 57, queen Alexia is 58 years of age. Daphnes is in a good healthy condition and is a very kind man who loves his people, enjoys simple pleasures along with complex ones. All in all Daphnes is a very honorable gentleman.

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