Lost Gold Mine

DM: Grixis

Players: Pope Darpa, Avraham, Karma, Terjon, Yuk, Fritz, Alandrain

The Mighty Pope asked you to accompany him into the recently built gold mine he built in the desert across the sea, upon arival they found chewed corpses and were then attacked by Kruthiks which had eaten his workers. They descended into the Kruthik nest to fight and eradicate those infesting the mine. Upon reaching a deeper level of the nest undead workers carrying a +1 Revolver, a +1 ring of protection and a potion of Bears Endurance. The zombies presence was never explained nor questioned. The party rested before entering the final chamber which contained the Hive Queen. It was then raped by electricity and ultimately squewered on the lance of a Bear Jew. After Slaying it there were 6 chests containing:

11k gold,
+2 Longsword sold
Jarate thrown at Fritz
Halfplate given to Fritz
Rifle, 50 shots given to Darpa
Wand of Remove Curse given to Terj
Wand of Flame Strike given to Yuk
Wand of Cure Mod given to Avraham
Battleaxe+1 Aberration Bane given to Fritz
Studded Leather +1 Healing sold
Ring lesser fire res given to Terj
Amulet +1 Nat ac given to Yuk
Shortsword of Vamp 1 sold
Boots of Con1 Dodge Ac1 given to Darpa

Total XP 937

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