Makin Bacon


Players: Karma, Terjon, Groomplikt, Yuk

Description: The party was stopped by a highly concerned holy man in the divine district who had told the adventurers of a town that had been horribly magically altered to look like evil pig mutants. The party went to the town where they found a man who pointed them in the direction of the evil wizard who did this. The party entered the cave and fought their way through in the beginning. They went through and found a secret passage way. At the end of the passage way they freed an air spirit and Terjon vowed to avenge it. They moved forward to find the wizard. Terjon was bent on killing it however Karma had other plans and charmed him with her magic. They turned off the machine causing this and pilfered two chests in the control panel room.

The Party Earned: 2875 Experience points (Terjon got +400 exp for his friendly native encounter with the elemental), A Blunderbuss and 100 bullets, a +1 Armored Great Cloak, a +1 Pistol, and a Bag of Tricks capable of summoning a kitten.

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