Mimicry Deck

DM: Terjon

Drayk 963 xp

Cesmary 1333 xp

tozk 666xp

The party was sent to find the mythical deck of many things by terjon who had found it through scrying. They came across a pair of black bears blocking the road and killed one, the other fled. When they reached the caves, Cesmary made the mistake of going straight to a chest and attempting to look inside only to find it was a mimic. Two other mimics had been drawn to the cave aswell. They knew not why and asked for treasure to spare the lives of the party. Tozk refused and shot at the mimics, hitting Cesmary in the process. The battle went on, Tozk ran (XP penalty), and the others finished the job. The Deck was returned to Terjon who found it to be a false deck.

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