Naelvich City Watch

City Watch was made to protect those in Great Lithdim from evil beings who wish to do harm. Under orders to keep the city peaceful and without crime. No attack or crime in this city will go unpunished. Justice is served by them as they issue the same fate on the enemy as the enemy chooses to do to other people, and those who choose to help defend the city not as city watch but as people. Will sometimes be rewarded and favored amongst the city watch, maybe even the king himself.

Captain of City Watch

Artious Rex Played by: Reaper

Police Chiefs

Chief Kolzowski NPC Played by: Birdman


Detective Phear Played by: Reaper
Harrison Clyde Played by Birdman

Officers (Apart from the many anonymous guards)

Anastas Kerakovik

Officials With Bounty Hunters License

Mantis Redd

Harrison Clyde

Police Records

These are the recording of crimes, crime syndicates, known criminals alive deceased and otherwise missing, and other records related to criminal activity.

Known Criminals

Known Illegal Organizations

Incident Records

Weretiger's thugs

Bank Heist

Drugs ARE Bad

Dr.Infunts Epic Abortion

Dr. Infunt's Island

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