Naelvich Rules

Our Community has specific rules of engagement which must be followed

Everyone Upon Entering

Gentleman's Agreement - Upon entering Naelvich Campaign setting you are to abide by the gentleman's agreement. The agreement Itself is a rule to keep people from breaking the game and abusing mechanics. This agreement also states that the Dungeon Master's word is practically god. Hindering the game and being ignorant of the Dungeon Master will have consequences. If you do however feel something is unfair, or is unjust then speak to an administrator and we as a group MAY look into the matter personally.

What Content Is Allowed - We allow any and all content that has the proper Wizard's of the Coast trade mark on it. As long as the book is a certified by Wizards of The Coast and is written for 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons; then it is allowed. Anything that is Homebrew, from Dragon Magazine, and any other non- core, non- wizards of the coast material must be approved in our forums under "Requests"

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