No fighting in the War Room

Players: Kira, Terjon, Malvik, and Yuk
Guest Staring: Avraham

The war effort began at the Kobold Camps, where the pharaoh and Yuk negotiated with Terjon over his payment, which is a tower in the Capital. We move on quickly to the battlefield, as we found we were quickly surrounded by trassian legions, whom slaughted all but a few kobold troops. Kira killed a majority of their legions in her mighty slashes, and Malvik got rid of 2 of the snipers, the last one constantly dodged Yuk's holy breath from the heavens and Terjon's fireballs. Yuk took multible bulletshoots to the head from the sniper, and was attacked by a barrage of bullets from an enemy legion, whom Malvik took out quickly with his help. As the finally troops were being slan, Avraham brought in an army of Hector clones, most of whom are now watching over the city.

Terjon headed for the final sniper, whom he had an epic duel with… while covered in the sniper's urine, the little wanker.

10,000 XP

6000 Gold, Yuk donated 5000 of his, and now has +20 to his next check to pray for help on the battlefield.

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