Park Fire Profit

DM: Terjon

Players: Irene, Chuckles, Boss Redtoof, Deliny, Aerin

The players while going about their days were told or noticed a fire in the park started by magmin. upon arriving, aerin spotted the magmin culprits and their manticore muscle. She didn't see the other manticore though which blindsided the party after Aerin shot the magmin to death. After a drawn out fight, the party finally vanquished the creatures and saved a good majority of the trees in the park.

Rewards: XP: chuckles = 1050 xp redtoof = 840 xp deliny and irene = 735 xp aerin = 590 xp
+300xp to party for saving most of the trees
+300xp to Aerin for doing the actual work
Items: +2 ring of protection, +2 ring of protection, +2 circlet of protection (made of gold and silver increasing market price by 200gp), Bracers of armor +3 (gem encrusted, +200gp market price)
GP: 500*lvl for Chuckles, Boss Redtoof, Deliny, and Aerin; 600*lvl for Irene

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