Plague Bag Grab

DM Birdman

Players Ch'Kekaar, Idrick

Rewards 5k gold each, 2k exp each.


Part I

Plague Bag Grab

The city of Lithdim, a grand city said to be filled of great wonder and opportunity. "Jobs for all!", "Wealth and love smile upon Great Lithdim!", "The best place to raise a family"; all of these simple and what were once true testimony of the beautiful metropolis known as "Great Lithdim". A shadow had overrun the city however; a thick dark shadow that knew no mercy. A plague most foul, that it wiped out an entire army, women and children from all sorts of family's, brothers and fathers being slaughtered everyday; either by the evil plague itself or from doctors who had to use simple and primitive means in order to treat the virus. All hope seems lost in city, although mercenaries were called in to help find a cure. The king himself sent forth a task to ask of mercenaries who had no specific posts like the city guard. Adventurers to do what is needed to help the world of Naelvich survive. The King himself fearing the apocalypse be near. "Once this city is taken… the world will be taken…" he broods sorrowfully in his castle as all the priests and alchemists work day and night looking for any answer that could help them. The mercenaries were given a list by the king. The list detailed that they needed a test subject, and then ingredients for a possible cure: The Fang of a Werejackal, The Brain of an intellect Devourer, and the eye of the beholder along with various forest herbs. For the adventurers the job seemed simple enough. Duck in, grab a zombie, duck out. Easy, right? That is what they thought, as well. Shortly after entering, an strange ferret keeping elf played a flute, alerting all the zombies in the vicinity. After realizing his folly, he made a quick escape. The large warforged known as "Cage" feared that things might go south, and left as well. Yet another of the party; a pompous woman only dropped but a few grenades, before fleeing the scene as well. The Party Managed to finally managed to capture a powerful plague infested zombie that would be needed for testing, but before the two remaining warriors could make their escape, Ch'kekaar an insectile warrior was blinded, his eyes boiling out of his head and melting. Despite Only two warriors standing bravely against the army of shells that we once called "people". The two warriors had succeeded when the rest of the mercenaries cowardly ran before the battle even began. The city has little faith and little hope, not for just themselves but for the rest of the world as well.

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