Name: Raspberry the Harlequin
Race: Half Elf
Class: Rogue (6th)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Sheet: http://www.roguepenguin.com/castellar/profiler/view.php?id=5395



Bio: A marginally insane Harlequin, Raspberry is the uncontested side-kick to Knicknack, the Clown Prince of Crime. (She calls him Knacknick, to be special, as well as Knicky, Lovey-dovey, Knacky, among other things she makes up on the spot. (she considered "Smooch'ums" but figured he wouldn't care for that one.))

Appearance: Beautiful in that kreepy Klown Klub kinda way, Raspberry's name might have something to do with her garb: A Harlequin's outfit. minus the jester-hat. Although the vest is quite skin-tight and raspberry colored, her leggings consist of a mini-skirt (diamond-patterened, raspberry and black). she wears thigh-high stockings that have the same harlequin pattern to them, although some holes are cut and embroidered artfully into the diamonds, showing the painted chalk-white skin underneath in little playing card Ace symbols (Diamond, Spades, Clubs, Hearts) Her Shoes are lace-up boots, the same color, with the same theme as her skirt. She looks… comically villanous.

Her skin is chalk-white, (perhaps by some sort of full-body skin paint?) with artful designs drawn wistfully here and there in blackest black ink. Her eyes, and hair match the black, leaving all the color on her person to remain on her clothing. Her facial tatoos only add to her Kreepy Kualities Kollection.

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