Character Sheet


Druid 4

Reginald is a half ogre from Chomp Isle. A champion in the mostly illegal sport "Koala Tossing". Reginald takes care of his pet Koala Landon and uses him in combat by throwing Landon at his enemies. Reginald comes to Lithdim for some fame (and to forget about some of his infamy). Reginald was raised from birth by his Koala Landon. As a half-ogre he was abandoned at youth and his life was spent in the wild. Throughout his teenage years he and landon spent time Koala tossing to show the miserable koala abusers they would do better if they worked as a team with their Koala. Reginald and Landon have left Chomp Isle and have begun using their team work in combat to fight evil.


This character was a lot of fun in the beginning and was a pretty cool character with an awesome animal companion. I found trouble playing as him after the pathfinder move however… I have not gotten around to truly converting Koalas as Pathfinder Animal Companions. I would if there was some sort of guide or perhaps something else that would best figure out the starting stats and level progression of an animal. Until I figure that out which most likely won't be soon if not ever. This character is retired.

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