Shocking Assassination

GM: birdman

Players: Tai-Li

scene: When the drive by stopped by flyn the birdman himself happened, there came a sudden fore shot from the far off warehouse beyond their notice. While kitty was caught off guard, Tai-Li had a sudden flash of speed rushing to the warehouse itself in a full run and fist flying fury. While one soldier ended up having a gun burst, another was taken down by flying clawing fury of the mysterious monk. With time, there came a bigger volley of shots that could have doomed him, if not for his prowess wearing the enemy down and leaving flynn himself to appear and take the enemy with one swoop. From there, Tai-Li is left with the bodies of mafia members without an idea how to approach the situation of how to approach the problem…

XP: 1000 (defeated only 1 enemy)
+1000 (write up)
600 gp

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