Character Sheet

Race: Insectoid Human
Class: Monk 3
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


From a distance, Skitter could pass for human, but if you are paying any attention to him you will immediately note his four arms. His skin is a slick gray blue with darker blue striations, it glints dully in the light speaking of an unnatural skin structure. Skitter stands roughly 6' perhaps a bit more. What little hair he has is wire like and stiff. When he speaks his lower jaw splits at the chin, revealing an inner mandible and sharp needle like teeth. His eyes are black and compound, and there are more than two of them.

Skitter is reserved, severely reserved. He rarely speaks, and never before spoken too. The vast majority of his communication is though body language and hand gestures. He is dedicated to martial arts, and spends much of his day practiceing and honeing said skills. As such he has become some what detached and almost anti-social. Though he is reserved, he would never stand idle and allow an innocent to be harmed.


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