Character Sheet

Tall,Slender and very fair skinned. His black hair is kept in a tight ponytail. He often wears flamboyant attire, That reflects his impish ways. His weasel Artemis, Is almost never not by his side.

Born into a small seafaring village Sventir began working on ships with his father when he was very young. Being small and agile, They often had him up in the masts and rigging of the ship. A perilous task that required much concentration and dexterity. To make his task easier his father gifted him with a special whip, That not only served as protection in port, But also was used as a grapple to help getting about the upper riggings of the ship easier. When Sventir was 20 years old he stopped in an exotic port of call and found a weasel for sale. He quickly purchased the creature and named him Artemis. Since that day the two have been inseperable.

The long days at sea took their toll on Sventir, the boredom weighed on him heavily. So he started to play pranks and perform small tricks for the other crewmen to help pass the time. Having found a musical instrument a wandering merchant had,Sventir purchased it and began playing everyday. Over time he became quite skilled playing the instrument and singing along.

When Sventir was 28 his father passed away and was buried at sea. Unable to cope with the loss, Sventir left the seafaring life behind him and became a wandering minstrel. Playing for coin around the assorted bars of the land, He found that while he engrossed the crowds with his performance. Artemis was able to run about and snatch objects and coin from people's satchels. Sventir made a decent living this way, But he was always sure to never steal more coins then he needed to survive. Also personal items and heirlooms were off limits. Having only his whip to remember his father by, He understood that some items are worth more then any amount of coin.

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