Name: Miranda "Tex" Moseby
Gender: Female
Race: Southern. (Otherwise known as awesomely human.)
Age: Doesn't tell, but not old, certainly.
Class: Fighter, 8th level.


Weight: Tells people to go to hell when asked.
Eyes: Brown, ussualy good natured and a bit on the wild side
Hair: Brown, long, flowing down between her shoulder blades, often wind blown, and a bit wild at times.
Skin: White with a bit of a cultivated sun-tan.

General appearance:
Wears a faded plaid blue shirt that looks dusty grey now, with a dusty grey pocketed vest, a brown leather gunslinger's belt,
Faded denim jeans that also look greyed, with a few holes worn here and there, showing skin. Her trusty cowgirl's hat is never off her person completely, and attempting to remove it without permission is a killing offense. She is ussualy smiling in that fun-loving and care-free kind of way reserved to those who have never had their wild untamed spirit broken.

Bio: Tex is a wandering gunslinger of some reknown on the fronteir settlements, mining towns, and cesspits. Known for a quick hand, sharp eyes, and a tendency to use bad grammar. Her history is largely unknown, probably something to do with being orphaned, and then a long string of good luck coupled with innate determination to make something of herself.
She grew up with a ranching family that got attacked by bandits. Forced to defend her home at just 13, Tex began her long tradition of kicking ass primarily because she enjoyed doing it more than she enjoyed ranching, although she plans on retirin to her own ranch that she will buy once adventuring pays enough. Who knows?

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