The Battle Of Troy

"The Battle of Troy, as it Should Have Been. (Had Achilles been nice and stayed home.)"

Raptor Jesus called on brave heroes to aid him and his people in their plight! on a field before their last remaining stronghold, the kobold nation's pitiful remaining forces tried to hold their ground! But when it seemed all was lost, Hector appeared on the battlefeild! The Harbinger of the Gesserit's will, Hector descended upon the lowly field, and graced it with his holy footsteps, wreaking utter nihiliation upon the dino-forces arrayed there! His twin axes crashed, and shook the foundations of the land!
Hundreds of foes died on his axe-blades, never to ries again! The Behemoth of Hector stood Victorious once again, assuring the world of the might of the Gesserit's order, and it's ideals… if but one of their elite gaurd could destroy such an army… who dares challenge their might in the future?!

In any case, Raptor Jesus, Deliny, Avraham, and Redtooth did little bits to help, but not nearly as much, because they are not as awsome as Hector Victorious!

Deliny died, but Hector teleported her to Gesserit lands, and she was ressurected at his request. The Kobold nation now has a new hero, and built him a statue, which he ordered them to change to be of the Noble Lady Heather, who nobly gave her life in the Sisterhood's service, and inspired him to his near-godly status on the battlefield.

Rewards: 10k exp, and 7k gold.
Hector got a statue.
Hector lost his armor: it was destroyed in battle, because of all the punishment it endured.
Hector is now the new Chuck Norris, Achilles, and also Robert Downey Jr., because he will now be able to get dates all the time.
Also, Hector can pull a James. T. Kirk from the new star-trek and get non-human booty whenever he wants. Which is, of course, never. Because he's just that awsome.

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