The Battle Of Troy As It Should Have Been If Achilles Wasn T There

Raptor Jesus summoned brave heroes to aid his people in rebuffing a massive assault on their primary fortress by their hated enemies, the Greeks. Er. I mean, the Trassians. The Trassians numbers were as grains of sand. Yet leading the Trassian troops, an walking giant. A living Legend. The one crafted in the image of Hector the Great. Hector Victorious, of the Gesserit Order, smashed into the enemy forces like God's own fist of Retribution. His twin Lightning axes obliterated, Greek, i mean, Dino Troops as if they were but wheat before the reaper's scythe! With might roars and bloody abandon, the Mighty Hector struck down the entire army, almost single handedly. (With minute help from the local militia and a few measly spells from Raptor Jesus. Oh. And Redtooth did some work too. Poor goo-girl was mortally wounded, and died. However, Hector Victorious, was victorios, and naturally, in his victory, and Leet Spartan Kicking ness, got her a free rezz back in Gesserit-ville. Hector also likes sunsets and enjoys long walks on the bloody, corpse-strewn beaches of France and Normandy. (Because it was he, not Nazis, who made that mess there.)


10k exp for all!

7k gold for all!

Raptor Jesus' blessing for all!

And a public viewing of Hector's awsomeness. Oh. And he got a statue, which he nobly and selflessly devoted instead to the image of one noble and beautiful elf-lady who gave her life in service to the Sisterhood: Heather. Because he is just that chivalrous. Get. Over. It.

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