[[[The Dungeon]]]

DM Grixis

Mercy(Fled), Nalei, Imut(Fled), Knickknack(Fled), Goren(KIA), Ragnarok(KIA), Jareal(Fled).

The PCs were contracted by a mage to find an item, problem is they couldnt remember what they were supposed to find. Goren retreived a tarrasque bone for the mage but did not make it out. The party encountered a Medusa and a Tentacle Monster after being paralysed. The Medusa was squished BY the bug and ended up in Grixis' not happy place for useless monsters. Goren picked a fight with Ragnarok and killed him when he wasnt looking. Ragnarok's body was tossed into the pit and reanimated by the Tentacle Monster. He was then sent for revenge where he was killed a second time by Goren. Nalei, after having her race insulted and butchered TWICE before her eyes, decided to act for justice and bull rush Goren into a pit. After failing to do that she simpy shot him, which she found worked much better. Eager to flee the place that resulted in the deaths of so many characters the party fled and abandoned the mage's request. Nalei still debates whether to bring them back or not.


1400 per surviving character

varying depending on looted party members, going towards ressurection spells

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