The Epic Failing Of The Epically Evil Dr Infunt Poor Baby He Got Aborted Ftw

"The Epic Failing of the Epically Evil Dr. Infunt. Who was also aborted. Sux2bu, 13 !tche$!"

The Brave party bravely traipsed into Dr. Infunt's latest doomsday mobile-base (which was wired to blow up or something as usual.)
Irene, Tarjon, Bell, and Aerin were present. The rampaged, and aborted a giant fetus. Poor thing. They also killed some newbs.
Then they sacked a library. No one is sure why, but they did. (Why is there a library on a flying doomsday ship? No one knows.)

They then confront Dr. Infunt himself! And Irene blinds, and deafens him. And he dies helpless, unloved, even by his mother, during a violent curb-stomp from the party (Which was epic, because Belle, Aerin, and Terjon were like terminators. Without Arnie's bad puns. like: "Lets kick some ICE!" or "You're one ugly…mother…BLEEP!") . He was, in short, aborted as well. THe party escaped after his dying act was to hit the ever present self destruct switch which is conveniently placed near by. The party are heroes, and poor Irene loses her shoes, and underwear. She is embarassed, and gets more undies.

The party gets 12000 exp, as well as 7kish gold, and assorted loot from the library.

They Rock, and are now on all Pro-Life terrorist hit lists, while now being allied with all Pro-Choice activists. No aignment change is needed, fortunately.

Keep on killin' babies, kiddoes!

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