The Looting

DM: Grixis

Players: Knicknack, Vanna, Terjon, Candy (Slain), Zypher (Fled)

Description: The would be party met in the tavern where they were interrupted by an individual who claimed a whole town caught fire and that looting was defiently in the works. Knicknack out of his own humor slain the commoner and stole his things. However, two were not amused. A righteous crusader and a powerful gun slinger stood against him. A young beautiful girl joined Knicknack and the bar battle. It was fierce, however it was fool hardy for the two do gooders to go head to head with a gatling gun pointing in their face. The battle went on and the two heroes fled Knicknack amused and showed appreciation for Vanna until he was hit very hard by Candy's ace shooting. Knicknack bled hard and moved to the side while Vanna blasted Candy with her massive machine gun once more before bringing he crusader down. While this was all going down Terjon managed to loot the commoners extra stuff that he looted. Knicknack and Vanna became friendly and soon Vanna became a clown herself; calling her a "Harleyquinn" Knicknack ran out to the village to join her in more looting. The party looted a wizards house after Vanna dealt with his mechanical steam powered dogs. Overall the party got a successful run of treasure and gold.

All received 650 exp

Knicknack got: Ring of Protection +2, Ring of Cure Light Wounds 1/day, and a Cloak of Charisma +2

Vanna Received: 2 Boots, Amulets

Terjon received: Armor Bracers wands and other things.

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