Wild Entry

DM: Jam

Players: Reginald

Reginald heard of many great animals that have appeared in the wilderness lately hunting humans. Upon reaching there he found the oddest thing: a Cheetah. What was a cheetah doing in the temperate woods outside of Lithdim? It is unknown. However upon reaching there he was surrounded by Awakened Animals who were actually hunting humans out of revenge. Reginald casted speak with Animals prior to that however allowing Landon his pet Koala to speak out. The Koala gave a wonderful speech that brought a tear to Reginald's eyes as the tiny Koala spoke about Reginald's past life without parents growing up amongst Koalas and finding his inner druidic powers with the help of the Koalas. A wise blue koala appeared to stop the animals from killing him and instead they tested him. Reginald and Landon worked well together to defeat the challenging awakened animals. Upon successfully finishing the test the wise great awakened koala named "Ge" gave Reginald one more test. Reginald is now on a great journey to eliminate a major threat on Chomp Isle that threatens both animals and people alike. It is now up to a man and his pet Koala to end a great and powerful war that is falling before the people of Chomp Isle. Their mission is to reach Larol a powerful man hunting awakened lion who is angered at the loss of his parents. It's up to Reginald and Landon to put an end to Larol's violent methods and bring peace back to Chomp Isle and end the massive bloody war that is said to take place in ninety days.

Reginald earned: 4500 experience points

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